026 :: 10 juillet 2009

a. Totem (Bruce Eisenbeil, Tom Blancarte et Andrew Drury) :: Blooming One :: Solar Forge (ESP-Disk, 2008)
b. Buffalo Collision (Ethan Iverson, Tim Berne, Hank Roberts et Dave King) :: 1rst of 3 :: Duck (Screwgun, 2008)
c. Steve Swell's Fire Into Music (Steve Swell, Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, Hamid Drake) :: Blu Coo :: Swimming in a Galaxy of Goodwill and Sorrow (Rogue Art, 2007)

d. Not The Wind Not The Flag (Colin Fisher, Brandon Valdivia) :: Tintinabulum :: Tintinabulum (Barnyard Records, 2009)

e. Gato Barbieri Quartet (Calo Scott, Norris Jones, Bobby Knapp) :: Obsession No. 2 / Cinematheque :: In Search of The Mystery (ESP-Disk, 2009 - réédition)
f. Anssi Tikanmäki :: L'influence du bleu dans l'art :: Jukebox: Music in the Films of Aki Kaurismaki (Megamania, 2006)


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