012 :: 1er avril 2009

a. William Parker Clarinet Trio (Walter Perkins, Perry Robinson) :: Bob's Pink Cadillac :: Bob's Pink Cadillac (Eremite, 2002)
b. Bob Gluck Trio (Michael Bisio, Dean Sharp) :: Unknown Soldier :: Sideways (FMR, 2008)
c. Trinity (Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Kjetil Moster, Morten Qvenild, Thomas Stronen) :: Breaking Them Old :: Breaking The Mold (Clean Feed, 2009)

d. Henry Grimes et Rashied Ali :: Gone Beyond The Gate :: Going to The Ritual (Porter Records, 2008)
e. Veryan Weston :: Getting Somewhere :: Allusions (Emanem, 2009)
f. Un bref entretien avec votre ami Sun Ra

g. Journal Intime :: Capitaine Guebé :: Journal Intime (DAM, 2008)
h. Darren Johnston (Ben Goldberg, Devin Hoff, Rob Reich, Sheldon Brown, Smith Dobson V) :: Be The Frog :: The Edge of The Forest (Clean Feed, 2008)
i. Sex Mob :: Artie Shaw :: Dime Grind Palace (Rope-A-Dope, 2003)


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