008 :: 4 mars 2009

a. Roscoe Mitchell Trio (Roscoe Mitchell, Vincent Davis, Harrison Bankhead) :: Shake-Up :: No Side Effects (Rogue Art, 2006)
b. Zbigniew Seifert :: Confessions Kins of time Birds Evenong Psalm :: Solo Violin (Polonia Records, 2008)

c. Sonny Rollins Don Cherry Quartet (with Henry Grimes and Billy Higgens) :: On Green Dolphin Street :: The Complette 1963 Paris Concert (Gambit, 2008)
d. Hoots and Roots :: Life and Death :: Life and Death (Ayler Records, 2009)
e. Kevin Blechdom / Eugene Chadbourne :: Dance Chicken Corina Blackberry Medley :: The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience (Victo, 2009)

f. Mark O'Leary et Sunny Murray :: Albert :: Ode to Albert Ayler (Ayler Records, 2009)
g. The Karl Walters Jr. Trio :: Precipice of A Moment :: Can We Go Back Where We Began? (Indépendant, 2008)
h. Michel Edelin Trio :: Tout simplement :: Kuntu (Rogue Art, 2009)


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